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Patricia Potter
Colorado Cowboy

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They're complete opposites!

Life as a traveling physical therapist suits former army medic Ross Taylor. Two weeks in Covenant Falls, Colorado, helping out at an equine therapy program won’t change his desire for freedom. So why does it feel like the whole town is trying to get him to stay—from the veterans at New Beginnings Ranch to the scruffy little dog who adopts him? And then there’s Susan Wall, the beautiful innkeeper he can’t stop thinking about. For Susan, Covenant Falls is home, a safe place. Falling for a wandering man is a bad idea, no matter how much she’s drawn to him. But Ross wandered into her town. If he needs what she’s found here, she’ll try to help him find it, too…including love.

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Story Behind the Story

“Where do you get your ideas?”

The above is the most frequent question I’m asked.

The seeds behind my sixty plus novels almost always come from a newspaper article, a magazine story or even a snippet from television news. It could be a story about babies accidently switched at birth, or a housewife apprehended thirty years after a crime, or a story about military dogs who get PTSD just as their handlers do.

All three newspaper stories inspired at least one of my books, and the latter inspired not only one book, but seven. The moment I read about the military dogs in the New York Times, I knew there was a book in it.

That’s when the author’s ‘what if’ mechanism kicks in.

What if the dog was injured in combat and its handler was killed?

What if the handler died saving a fellow soldier, who was also his best friend? What if that friend was badly injured as well?

That was the beginning of the first book in the Covenant Falls series. I so fell in love with Josh, my wounded and embittered hero and his efforts to rebuild both his and Amos’s lives, that I wanted to continue his story as well as those of other veterans who wandered into the well-meaning but very gossipy town of Covenant Falls. I almost feel like a permanent resident now. It’s as alive to me as the city in which I live now.

Colorado Cowboy is the sixth in the series, and Colorado Rancher will complete it in several months.

I hope you enjoy this story of an army medic turned traveling physical therapist who is recruited by other new Covenant Falls veterans to help build an equine therapy program for veterans with PTSD. He owns nothing more than a motorcycle and is determined never to stay anywhere long. The last thing he expects, or wants, is to fall in love with an innkeeper who is the ultimate nester.

This story also grew from two newspaper articles, one about equine therapy programs for veterans and another about the growing field of traveling physical therapists who basically choose their own assignments.

As in the other Covenant Falls books, the town’s inhabitants nudge the relationship along.